Khaidian To Release Debut Album Penumbra In January, Unveil First Single Evasion

Khaidian Band 2018

With their roots in tech metal but branching out all over the place, London quartet Khaidian are a new band who have caught the eye and ear recently. They’ve just announced details of their debut album called Penumbra, with the album set to be released on the 18th of January through Armalyte Industries.

To accompany the news of their new album, they’ve released the first single from Penumbra, called Evasion. With blasts of complex riffery through to an outro that feels as if the very fabric of sound is being curved and manipulated, it makes quite the first impression. The video for Evasion is an equally impressive visual spectacle, so we recommend you check it out below for a full dose of exactly what Khaidian bring to the table:

For more on Evasion, here is Khaidian’s John Hull:

“Evasion is a seriously groove laden and heavy track and I think captures a nice element of what Khaidian are about. Andy’s lyrics are about his love affair with music and I tried to show that within the video I animated. How we have a symbiotic relationship with music and the way it feeds back on itself creating new and surprising results, that take us on a journey we would never have thought.”

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Khaidian in due course.


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