The Treatment – Power Crazy

The Treatment - Power Crazy Album Cover

Can you believe Power Crazy is The Treatment’s fourth album?! It seems like only yesterday they were bursting onto the scene like your annoying little brothers, in their newly minted denim & leather, excited to tell us about this heavy metal music they’d just discovered.

Well they’re still just as in love with the classic sounds of metal but there is one change in the form of new vocalist Tom Rampton, he doesn’t sound dramatically different to previous singer Mitchel Emms, but he’s still a bit of a find, his whiskey and a drop of honey voice front and centre, leading with conviction.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that The Treatment’s steadfast commitment to AC/DC worship results in a wearying stagnation and the law of diminishing returns. Songs like ‘Let’s Get Dirty’, ‘Laying It Down’ and ‘Hang Em High’ are so generic that not only could they have been lifted from the bands debut but sound like they were written by rock n roll committee. the lyrics are wince inducingly naff, full of crazy nights and wild women, tales of Jack the lad scraps and tough talk in the face of ‘haters’ on ‘The Fighting Song’.

Repeatedly the band mention their outlaw status, their Millwall mantra – so much so it becomes obvious they have very little else to say apart from fuck you, we don’t care what you think. Look, it’s tough, their chosen milieu is very conservative – even their idols have painted themselves into a corner (- I mean why is anyone interested in a new AC/DC album, considering who awful the last one was?) but even so the band seem to lack the poetry or wit to create original songs.

It’s not hopeless, ‘Bite Back’ is feisty,’ ‘Scar With Her Name’ at least paints a picture and the occasional touches of blues really suit Tom Rampton’s vocals. Actually these less amped up moments, especially ‘Waiting For The Call’ remind me of Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons, although I would say his band already outclass The Treatment. Never the less, in my opinion The Treatment should drop the school uniform and cap and pursue a more mature direction, they have the tools at their disposal.

Power Crazy is out now on Frontiers Music Srl.

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