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It’s that time of year again, Slam Dunk Festival is back to kick off festival season, bringing their biggest line up yet. Alongside returning to Hatfield House for the second year, the festival has also moved to a brand new site in Leeds at Temple Newsam Park. Other changes this year include alternating stages meaning they can fit in even more bands without them clashing. So with this being the biggest Slam Dunk yet, the Rock Sins team have picked their must see bands for each stage this year. In addition, while you read our preview, why not listen to our special Slam Dunk 2019 Festival playlist?!

All Time Low – Monster Energy Stage, 20:30 – 22:00

All Time Low are back to headline Slam Dunk for the second time. This time it looks like they’ll be celebrating 10 years of Nothing Personal. Whilst they won’t be playing the album in full fans can expect some deep cuts the band have played live for a long time. Along with this, All Time Low are still just one of the best festival bands around with more than enough hits to close out the festival in style. Sam

Boston Manor – Monster Energy Stage, 13:25 – 14:00

Making their mainstage debut at Slam Dunk this year off the back of last years headline tour, a huge support slot with Good Charlotte and the release of their sophomore album ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’ are the UK’s very own Boston Manor who are sure to be providing some big sing-a-longs a this year’s Slam Dunk with huge tracks like “Bad Machine” and “Halo”. Connor

The Interrupters – Punk In Drublic Stage, 14:45 – 15:35

The band doing everything to bring ska back, The Interrupters will no doubt be having a massive party when they take to the Punk In Drublic stage. Ska punk as a genre was in desperate need of someone to come along and revitalise it and that is exactly what The Interrupters have done across their 3 albums so far. Whilst it’s always had a home at Slam Dunk, it’s exciting to see a ska band come along this year who don’t just rely on nostalgia. Sam

Anti-Flag – Punk In Drublic Stage, 12:45 – 13:25

A band who need no introductions at Slam Dunk by this point, Anti-Flag will be bringing their unashamedly politically fueled brand of anthemic punk over to the Punk In Drublic stage, what better way to shake the cobwebs off first thing in the morning than shouting at the top of your lungs to songs like “Die For Your Government” and “This Is The End (For You My Friend)”? Exactly. There isn’t one. Connor

Bullet For My Valentine – Jagermeister Stage, 20:45 – 22:00

Bullet For My Valentine make their debut at Slam Dunk this year when they headline the Jagermeister stage. Whilst metal has always had a place at Slam Dunk mostly in the form of metalcore, Bullet definitely felt like a surprise booking but definitely a worthy choice to close out their stage. Whether it’s the newer material or classic tunes, Bullet For My Valentine are always a band who bring it live. Sam

Silverstein – Jagermeister Stage, 16:10 – 16:50

A wonderful throwback for all of the mid 2000’s emo’s here – Silverstein will be playing on the Jagermeister Stage where you can expect to here some of the classics like “My Heroine” and “American Dream” as will as some newer material like “The Afterglow”. Silverstein have always been an absolutely solid live band and this weekend is unlikely to be any different, and who knows, we might even get a cheeky guest appearance from Lights! Connor

Gallows – Impericon Stage, 18:10 – 18:55pm

After almost 5 years of inactivity Gallows are finally back and making their return at Slam Dunk festival. A set that no doubt be utter carnage from start to finish this is certain to be one of the highlights of the day. Whether this is a one off or the band are back for good remains to be seen. But fans of furious hardcore punk are not gonna want to miss this. Sam

Turnstile – Impericon Stage, 14:10 – 14:50

Over on the Impericon Stage, Slam Dunk have only gone and booked the best band of 2018. After releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Time & Space’ and playing and outrageously brilliant set headlining last years Outbreak Festival, Turnstile have proved time and time again why they are the hardcore band on everybody’s lips. Expect this to be fun, expect bodies in flight and expect to love every minute of this – If you only watch one band this weekend, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Turnstile. Connor

The Menzingers – Dickies Stage, 20:00 – 20:50pm

The Menzingers are quite simply one of the best modern punk bands around. Their last album After The Party saw them reach new heights and the band have more than enough hits to fill their 50 minute slot. After a day that will likely have involved a lot of partying and drinking for most people, there really aren’t many bands more perfectly suited to close out the day with. And they might even surprise fans with something off their highly anticipated new album they recently finished. Sam

Touche Amore – Dickies Stage, 18:40 – 19:20

One of the most consistently brilliant bands to get booked for a festival ever, Los Angeles post-hardcore quintet Touche Amore will be making their debut at Slam Dunk on the Dickies Stage. This band have perfected the art of really making their audience feel something when they perform, this is going to be a very emotionally charged set, but also very a unforgettable set (much like everything Touche Amore do). This band have gotten better with every gig they play and every album they release and this will be no exception. Connor

William Ryan Key – Marshall Stage 11:45 – 12:15pm

William Ryan Key doing an acoustic Yellowcard set will certainly be a great way to kick off Slam Dunk this year. Whilst it was surely be an emotional experience for fans who still aren’t over the band breaking up, but it will still be amazing to hear these songs played live again in such a stripped back way. Just be prepared for lots of tears when he plays Ocean Avenue. Sam

Trophy Eyes – Marshal Stage, 14:00 – 14:40

One of the best pop-punk bands around right now are Australia’s Trophy Eyes, and lucky you, they’re also playing Slam Dunk this year! Last year they released their third album “The American Dream” which sounds absolutely massive. They’ve slowly but surely been evolving their sound over the last few years and they finally feel like they’ve come into their own with this album. Expect a somewhat eclectic set with the soaring choruses of “Friday Forever” and the intense introduction of “Rain On Me”. You can also catch frontman John Floreani over on the acoustic stage! Connor

Pagan – The Key Club Stage, 16:15 – 16:45pm

Black metal and disco seems like an odd combination but Pagan make it work. Their debut album Black Mass was absolutely brilliant and the band have one of the most high energy live shows. Few bands  able to shift from ear piercing screams and blast beats to dance grooves and back again with such ease. There really is nothing else quite like Pagan on the line up this year so their set will definitely be worth watching if you want to see something unique. Sam

Employed To Serve – Key Club Stage, 17:15 – 17:45

And last but by no means least, we present Employed to Serve. Over the last few years Employed To Serve have been solidifying their place as one of the best bands the UK has to offer. Not two weeks ago they released their major label debut “Eternal Forward Motion” and it is F I L T H Y. If you like your music heavy, you won’t be hard pushed to find something about this band, whether that’s Justine Jones’ shrieking vocals or the fact that they have riffs for days, you will leave the tent feeling like you’ve been had your face ripped off by a grizzly bear. Connor

Rob Lynch – Acoustic Stage, 17:45 – 18:05

Rob Lynch on the acoustic stage just feels like a staple of Slam Dunk at this point. And there’s a clear reason why he keeps being invited back. Expect some big sing-a-longs and a much more chilled out vibe that will make a nice break in the afternoon. Sam

Final tickets for the 2019 instalment of the festival in Leeds and Hatfield are still available. Head over to the official festival website to get your tickets ASAP! Tickets are around the £60 mark, not including fees or the afterparty. Car park passes and shuttle bus tickets are also available, depending on your mode of transport.

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