Rock Sins Spotify Playlist Update (26th June) – Killswitch Engage, Amon Amarth, Metallica and Much More

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It’s high time we updated our Spotify playlist. Now that the craziness of Slam Dunk and Download is out of the way for another year, we’ve got a fresh bands of tunes old and new for our readers and Spotify subscribers!

In terms of new tracks, there’s plenty of great stuff. New singles have arrived from Killswitch Engage, KoRn, TheCityIsOurs, Batushka, Toreador, Take Today, WOES and The Contortionist. We’ve also got recently released tracks from Amon Amarth, New Found Glory and Bowling For Soup – the pop punk pair both with excellent cover songs.

In terms of old favourites, we’ve got tracks to blow your heads off from Behemoth, Gojira and The big four. Having recently said goodbye to Slayer, hello again to Anthrax and with Metallica’s huge stadium shows, they were all natural choices. A big set of get well messages to Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine from all of us here at Rock Sins too. Finally, we’ve finished off this week with a pair of prog and symphonic metal crackers from Dream Theater and Epica! The full tracklist is below – enjoy!

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Full tracklisting for Rock Sins Spotify Playlist – 26th June 2019

Amon Amarth – Mjolner, Hammer Of Thor
Killswitch Engage – Unleashed
KoRn – You’ll Never Mind Me
Behemoth – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
TheCityIsOurs – Bare Bones
Batushka – Liturgiya
Toreador – Get A Grip
Take Today – Lifeline
New Found Glory – Eye Of The Tiger
Bowling For Soup – Sometimes I Don’t Mind
Anthrax – Caught In A Mosh
Megadeth – Tornado Of Souls
Slayer – Repentless
Metallica – Frantic
Gojira – Backbone
Torche – Admission
WOES – Awful Truth
The Contortionist – Early Grave
Dream Theater – Breaking All Illusions
Epica – Design Your Universe – A New Age Dawns


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