Your Life & Mine – Under One Roof

Your Life & Mine - Under One Roof EP Artwork

“But if we bring it together and remind to remember, who cares what they say, get judged every day, so now look at each other, say this to one another, we’re the same…” Those lyrics are taken from the song ‘Remind To Remember’ by Your Life & Mine. And those lyrics while simple enough on the surface, mean far more than first might appear. That’s because the song was written to raise awareness and funds for the UK charity Young Minds’ as the band explain; “Remind to Remember is all about discovering yourself and that being different is okay… We want to share the message that it’s okay to be different and we should embrace these differences. At the end of the day we’re all the same, be kind.”

In 2019, when young people are placed under so much pressure and feel so under the microscope, we need as many bands and artists to remind the world that it’s alright to be yourself. Your Life & Mine, this humble reviewer salutes you. As for the song itself, even without taking its message into account, it’s a cracking tune. Plenty of melodies, simple and to the point song writing with a killer chorus. Magic. See bands, charity singles don’t have to be utter pish!

Those qualities aren’t just restricted to that one song either. The Sheffield based quintet have surrounded that lead single with an EP full of top-class songs. If there’s any justice Under One Roof will be appearing on many a ‘Best of 2019’ list come December. The whole record is a fantastic way to spend twenty minutes, with ‘Better End The Heartbreak’ and ‘Run Away’ in particular really knocking it out of the park. The former’s not so subtle lyrics will raise eyebrows and rueful smiles across the land, while the chorus on the latter is a masterclass in how to write a soaring hook.

The band’s sound is really crisp and compact, with each song brilliantly balanced and exceptionally produced. They love a massive chorus but because of the way that the songs have been built and put together, they don’t sound overbearing or completely overshadow the rest of the song. That’s not to say that the band are one dimensional in any way either. Closing track ‘Tremble’ is slower and more melodic with the vocals really coming to the fore, but it keeps that now trademark crescendo of a chorus.

Most of all Under One Roof, is a triumph for simplicity. The band aren’t doing anything new here. They’ve just taken a tried and tested formula and executed it remarkably well. The song writing really stands out as just refreshingly uncomplicated, with each verse leading to a chorus that it’s impossible not to sing along to. Sonically the band sound great, the production is flawless and when you add all of those things up there’s a hell of a lot to like about this record. And frankly, this group of five guys from Sheffield as well.

Under One Roof might not be the EP you thought you wanted but without doubt, Your Life & Mine have crafted an EP that you need. Under One Roof is out now.

(On a personal note I just wanted to drop the link to the Young Minds website at the bottom of this review. I, like many of you reading this have not always had the best relationship with my mental health, so anything that can raise awareness, especially among young people gets a big thumbs up from me.
It’s good to talk. And remember everything will be alright.

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