5 Reasons We’re Hoping Avril Lavigne Brings Her Tour To The UK

Back in 2018 Avril Lavigne revealed the full extent of the whirlwind of a journey she’d been on while suffering with Lyme disease and then she came fighting back with Head Above Water. Now we’re here in Autumn 2019 and she’s been touring across the US and Canada with the #HeadAboveWaterTour. We think it’s about time she headed to the UK, here’s just a few reasons why…
  1. It’s Avril Lavigne!
    OK, so I’m a bit biased on this one but she last toured the UK in 2011 and only played two dates. That’s 8 years of us being deprived of live performances from Avril, and while she’s been recovering from Lyme disease we’re super glad she kicked that in the ass and is back!

  2. To get all the feels
    If you haven’t heard Avril’s latest album Head Above Water, then where have you been? This emotional rollercoaster of an album gives us an insight into the last eight years of Avril Lavigne and there’s a relatable song for everyone. 

  3. To hear Breakaway live
    Did you know Avril Lavigne wrote Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway? Nope, neither did we, and fans have been graced with seeing her perform it live and we want in!

  4. Because those punk princess outfits

  5. If I could rock out in flowy dresses, tutus or half of the awesome clothes that Avril wears everyday then I totally would.

  6. We never want to grow up

  7. 2002 was a long time ago and we can’t believe we’re all grown up now so we want to get those blasts from the past like Complicated and Sk8r Boi. In the words of Avril ‘Here’s to never growing up!’

    Avril Lavigne is currently touring the US, dates can be found over at avrillavigne.com

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