Creature – Hound (EP)

Metal Hammer posited the question earlier this year as to whether Creature were the UK’s answer to Converge. The question was left open for listener to make up their mind, and based on the strength of quality of previous EP, HEX, there was a strong argument to say that given a few years and the right backing, they could just pull it off. The Converge comparison is a bold one as any band being held up to such mighty standards is surely set for a fall, but with latest release, Hound, Creature are looking to broaden their palate of influences and show that they can live up to the sky high expectations being pushed upon them.

Much like debut EP, HEX, Creature interweave myriad influences together to create something that is as aurally pleasing as it is nasty and violent. Some of the many bands you could namecheck would be, Every Time I Die, Kvekertak and Converge – of course – but the best thing about Hound is that it doesn’t  sound like any of those bands, rather it is a beast unto itself. Cohesive and compact, the EP is over in around twelve minutes, but there is no way that you can only listen to it once. The through line of melodic breaks and choruses in amongst the agonising brutality make for a dynamic and musically dextrous listen, with special mention going to the moments of gentle reflexivity in finale, Fools Curse.

The hulking chorus of opener, Cold Man’s World should be enough to whet your appetite for more, and with this sophomore EP, Creature prove that there is more to them than aping others’ glories. They are a band that can stand with their heads held high as they demonstrate their individuality, skill and penchant for impressive songwriting. Hound is a wonderful EP that fulfils the band’s current potential, and when a debut full length arrives, you can guarantee it will score highly in album of the year lists. Utterly fantastic, brutal and uncompromising, be ready to be introduced to your new favourite band.

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