King Creature Win Video Of The Week (1st November) With Desolation

Rock Sins Video Of The Week

With a very well fought recent video of the week contest, it was newcomer home grown riff merchants King Creature who came out on top. Having engaged in a three way battle for most of the week with The Injester and Halflives, King Creature eventually pulled way, winning the contest with 48% of the vote. You can check out the winning video for Desolation again right here:

For more about their winning track Desolation, here’s the good word from King Creature directly:

“Desolation is a very serious topic song that really reflects the current mood among people around the world. For a long time, post-apocalyptic landscapes have been imagined in art and films but now they are truly becoming a reality in areas around the world; if we are not careful the entire planet could face this vision.
Desolation is a dark song about the destruction of the world by fire all viewed through the eyes of the last man, who can’t bear to watch; hence the final moments of desolation are viewed through the closed eyes of a desperate dying man.”

King Creature have just wrapped up a UK tour with the legendary Phil Campbell. They’re not taking the rest of the year off though. They’ve just played their first show of a European run with the legendary Doro, where they will spend most of the rest of November before returning home.

Based on the early evidence, we’re very excited to hear some more from this Cornwall outfit! Stay tuned to Rock Sins for another video of the week contest very soon.

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