My Chemical Romance Announce Their Return With LA December 2019 Show

My Chemical Romance Logo

One day, we all thought My Chemical Romance would return. Everyone from Mark Hoppus to Joe Jonas have told us it’s been coming. Bowling For Soup main man Jaret Reddick even predicted the date, though he was out by a couple of years.

Last night, it finally happened. My Chemical Romance confirmed their return with a series of social media posts announcing a show on the 20th of December in LA at the Shrine Expo Hall.

Needless to say, the Internet and social media damn near exploded in a sea of emo-goth happiness, eyeliner and mascara flying everywhere. It was just so nice to see so many people so happy about something in a time where there’s been a lot of division, misery and sadness.

Rumours are already abound about a full tour to follow this (currently one off) MCR reunion show. Speculation of My Chem headlining Reading and Leeds 2020 for their UK return has already gone into overdrive. It’s going to very interesting to see how this one plays out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to Rock Sins for further updates!


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