Rock Sins Weekly Playlist (19th March) – Code Orange, Lamb Of God and Much More

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Welcome back for another installment of the Rock Sins weekly playlist. Given all the developments over the last week or so, we’ve decided to focus more heavily on promoting new releases this week, but as always we have a healthy mix for our readers and listeners.

This week, the Rock Sins playlist brings you new singles from Lamb Of God, Testament, In Hearts Wake, Sertraline, Project Revise, Not Ur Girlfrenz, Amaranthe, Tenside, Enter Shikari, DREGG, Past Five, Derange, Katatonia and Brian Fallon.

We also have new and recent album tracks from Code Orange, Rews and Broken Witt Rebels and last but not least, a handful of old favourites from Trivium, In Flames and an epic closer from Insomnium.

The full tracklist, as well as the embedded playlist, can be found below.

Rock Sins Weekly Playlist – 19th March 2020

Code Orange – The Easy Way
Sertraline – Inside Out
In Hearts Wake – Worldwide Suicide
Project Revise – Another Day
Broken Witt Rebels – Rich Get Richer
Testament – Children Of The Next Level
Rews – Monsters
Not Ur Girlfrenz – Game Over
Amaranthe feat Angela Gossow – Do Or Die
Enter Shikari – the king
DREGG – Hectic
Past Five – Kryptonite
Derange – The Hunted
Tenside – The Last Anthem
Trivium – Drowned & Torn Asunder
In Flames – Cloud Connected
Lamb Of God – Momento Mori
Katatonia – Lacquer
Brian Fallon – Horses
Insomnium – In The Groves Of Death

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