Sertraline Unveil New Single For Lockdown – Isolation

Sertraline 2020 Band Promo Photo

With the release of their upcoming EP Clouded Minds & Silver Lines on the horizon, Northern prog/tech metallers Sertraline have unleashed a blistering new single that’s highly appropriate for the current situation the world finds itself in.

The new Sertraline single is called Isolation – and readers and listeners could be forgiven for thinking it was something written in haste since the lockdown hit the UK a few weeks ago. Isolation (along with the rest of Clouded Minds & Silver Lines) was actually written back in the Summer of 2019 before being recorded late last year.

With the band unable to complete the full music video for the track due to lockdown, they have released a lyric video for it, which can be found below:

Sertraline guitarist Tom Wilson (who recently announced that he would give free guitar lessons to those interest during the lockdown – more information available on the Sertraline social media accounts) had this to say about their new single:

“I’m really looking forward to playing this one live. It’s like a bear; lovely to look at from a distance,

but get too close and it’ll rip your face off. We’ve spent most of the past few months imitating Owen

Wilson saying “Wow” over the bends. WOW. WOW WOW. WOOOOOOW.”

Sertraline are running a Kickstarter campaign to help with the funding and costs of their new EP which runs until the end of April. Those who would like to pick up some merch, a CD or other ways to get involved can find the Kickstarter on this link –

There will be more from Sertraline, including a review of their Clouded Minds & Silver Lines EP, in the weeks to come.

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