The Homeless Gospel Choir – This Land Is Your Landfil

The Homeless Gospel Choir - This Land Is Your Landfil Album Cover Artwork

The Homeless Gospel Choir, also known as Derek Zanetti has spent the last couple of years building his profile within the DIY punk scene. Usually a one man project he’s now back with his fourth full length album, and this time he’s bought a lot of friends with him to start this new chapter.

There’s a wonderful feeling of community on This Land Is Your Landfill. From the way Derek Zanetti has collaborated with several different artists within the scene to create the album, to the lyrical content there’s a strong message of unity that is needed right now. The album just kinda sounds like a group of mates sat around a campfire singing together. This collaborative nature has really helped to bolster The Homeless Gospel Choirs sound and there’s a few new tricks here that weren’t there before.

Still the album is very much about Derek Zanetti and the unique presence he brings. His personality is so strong on every track. From his unique vocal delivery full of character to his witty lyrics, he brings so much to this album. The lyrics in particular are a very big focus here as this is a very political album. There isn’t much subtlety on display with the albums politics, opening track Global Warming wastes no time mincing words and by the time Derek ends up shouting “Donald Trump thinks global warming was made up by the Chinese” it’ll be very clear whether this album is for you or not. Still whilst it’s not exactly subtle there is plenty of humour throughout keeping things from getting too bleak.

If the politics don’t put you off then This Land Is Your Landfill will likely be a hugely enjoyable listen. There’s plenty of catchy choruses throughout and the moments where it goes more into the folk punk sound that characterised the early Homeless Gospel Choir material are really fun. The album doesn’t really do anything new or particularly original though. Even with some of the changes brought in this is still a fairly straightforward punk album, but then sometimes that’s all you need.

This Land Is Your Landfill is the sort of album that could only come form the Pittsburgh punk scene. It’s just a really honest, blue collar punk record from a genuinely passionate artist. It’s just the sound of someone having the best time recording music with their mates and that enthusiasm can just be felt on every song.

The Homeless Gospel Choir release This Land Is Your Landfil tomorrow (April 24th 2020) on A-F Records.

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