Metallica Surprise Fans With A Socially Distanced Version Of Blackened

Metallica Band Photo 2

For many of us, at the end of another week in lockdown, Metallica provided just the thing to put a smile back on many people’s faces.

Called Blackened 2020, James, Rob, Lars and Kirk presented a socially distanced created update to their fan favourite track Blackened. It was particularly great to see James Hetfield (aka Papa Het) looking so well after his stint in rehab towards the end of last year. Check out the video of Metallica playing Blackened 2020 from the comfort of their home studios below:

Like pretty much every other artist on the planet, Metallica’s touring plans for 2020 have been heavily disrupted by the Coronavirus outbreak, and also by James’ recovery schedule. For the latest on their touring plans, please visit the Metallica website or their various social media channels.

Metallica have also been helping to keep their fans entertained by streaming one classic concert from their vast video archives every week on their YouTube channel – it updates every Monday (dubbed Metallica Monday). They have been encouraging donations for those watching, with the band raising money for various groups and causes affected through their charitable foundation, All Within My Hands. The most recent video is a show from Michigan in the US from 1991 on The Black Album tour. Check that out below:

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