Call Of The Wild Festival 2020 Still Going Ahead

2020 will always be remembered as the year we missed out on so seeing so many live bands, all the small shows, big shows and festivals, however, one festival is doing everything it can in its power to still go ahead – Call of The Wild Festival 2020.

The festival organisers have said: “Based on how things are at present & hoping that it improves weekly, we are now willing to continue to promote the event as going to happen in September.

We must however emphasise that if the government review their advice leading to rules being changed, we may have to postpone the event until May 2021.

The festival which will hopefully take place 17th-20th September at the Lincolnshire Showground boasts headliners Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Reckless Love and Massive Wagons, plus other acts including the likes of Last Hounds, Skarlett Riot and more.

Festival Director, Raz White said: “I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved to date, although challenging, we firmly believe that we can present a safe festival, adhering to government recommendations whilst still retaining the friendly festival atmosphere. Everyone is desperate to deliver, from the staff to the bands, it’s what we do and now we just want to let the music do the talking

The festival will adhere to government guidelines on social distancing to ensure the safety of all. For more information visit the Call of The Wild Festival website or email

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