IMMERSE on Lockdown Life, Live Shows & New Track ‘Here’s Hoping’

IMMERSE are the Bristol based, post-hardcore quartet who are quickly becoming a big name in the UK music scene. Having played shows with the likes of Holding Absence and Hacktivist, achieved over 1 millions streams with their debut album and delivering the perfect blend of soft and heavy, it’s no wonder their fanbase is rapidly growing. Following the release of their new single Here’s Hoping, we thought it was about time we found out more…

So tell us, how did you become ‘IMMERSE’?
We’ve previously played together in bands with different lineups but decided to start a fresh project as IMMERSE. We formed in late 2018! 

What music are you inspired by and how would you describe your sound?
It ranges from pop punk bands like The Story So Far to hardcore bands like Kublai Khan. We all like different things but enjoy bringing our ideas together to create something new. Our sound is a perfect blend of light and dark, heavy and soft and aggression and passion. We have a lot of influences from many genres but IMMERSE definitely takes most of theirs from the Pop punk and Hardcore area of music. We manage to sound fresh and familiar at the same time.

You’ve just released your single Here’s Hoping can you tell us the story behind the song?
Archie wrote the lyrics for this song when he realised that someone he considered a friend showed their true colours. He got sick of them playing the victim for what they were doing to their friends and constantly making up lies about who they were, and eventually just decided to cut them out of his life. 

Watch the video for Here’s Hoping below:

How are you coping in lockdown both in terms of general life and band life?
It’s been a great opportunity to spend time with my family and work on new material, but I definitely miss normal life. It’s difficult not being able to go out with friends or do exciting things when you’re in lockdown. We have plenty of things for fans to be excited about over these next few months and we’ve been focusing on creating the best content possible!

You’ve toured with the likes of Holding Absence, Hacktivist and Lotus Eater, when live shows are back on who would you most like to tour with?
I think it would be great to tour with bands like Blood Youth or Dream State as we would fit their style well and the shows would go off!

You’ve actually announced some shows for January, I bet you can’t wait for that to come round!
We can’t wait! It’ll be great to play some new songs and be back gigging. We’ve been working on a brand new live set which were excited to share. It’s an intimate run of shows so get your tickets now before they sell out! 

We see you’ve been keeping yourselves busy in lockdown creating playlists, what bands are currently top of your listening list?

The online world has become an even more important part of our lives over the last few months and artists have made the most of doing live streams. While nothing can beat going to live show, do you think streaming events like this will start to become the norm even when ‘normal’ life resumes?
I think it could become a more common occurrence, however I can’t see it being a long term fix as people love being there in person. Especially for rock/metal shows, you want to be in the pits and singing your heart out. It’s been great checking out bands on live streams though. I watched a Good Charlotte acoustic set which still felt personal as they shared some interesting stories in between songs. 

As we are still in these crazy times, what words of wisdom can you give to anyone who might struggling at the moment?
Stay strong! You’ve done so well and we’re progressing everyday. Things will eventually be back to normal, we just have to keep aware and follow the guidelines for the time being. Listen to some new music and take the opportunity to try some new things! 

Finally, have you got anything else coming up for us to look forward to?
We have plenty more news coming over these next few months. Keep your eyes and ears peeled…

IMMERSE Tour Dates
24.10.20 Northampton – The Black Prince
21.01.21 Bristol – Exchange
22.01.21 London – The Beehive in Bow
23.01.21 Norwich – Voodoo Daddys

Listen to more from IMMERSE:

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