Anathema Announce Band Is Going On Indefinite Hiatus

Anathema Band Promo Photo 2020

Late yesterday, word reached the rock and metal community that the much loved Liverpudlian progressive rock / metal group Anathema are to take an indefinite hiatus.

Citing the unprecedented world events brought on by COVID-19 over the last several months, as well as personal circumstances, as the band so aptly put it in their statement, “we could have never anticipated how this year would turn out”.

The full statement from Anathema can be read in the embedded Facebook post below:

Our friend Nick Ruskell, Senior Editor at Kerrang, has penned an excellent tribute to Anathema which we would invite everyone to go and check out. If any news develops about their return in the months and years to come, we will of course let all of our readers know. They will be much missed.

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