Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Jason Hook Says He Is Under A Gagging Order

Jason Hook Five Finger Death Punch Wembley Arena Jan 31st 2020

*Update* – The Instagram post that was the source material for this news story has been deleted by Jason Hook. It is possible that the video itself violated the terms of any agreement between the members of Five Finger Death Punch – we will continue to monitor for updates. *Update ends*

Speculation has been rife among Five Finger Death Punch fans that guitarist Jason Hook has been on the verge of exiting the band for awhile.

Hook, who is currently on his honeymoon, took to Instagram to post a video where, among other things, he mentioned the fact that he is currently under a gagging order, and that a “mutually agreed press release” would be issued on behalf of himself and the rest of Five Finger Death Punch at some point in the future. You can check out the full video on Instagram, included below:

*Instagram post has been removed by Jason Hook*

In the video Hook also discusses that he has many other projects on the go and hopes to share them with everyone soon.

Jason Hook left the last Five Finger Death Punch tour in the UK and Europe at the start of the year partway through the tour for unspecified reasons. He was replaced by renown UK shredder Andy James, who has apparently contributed to the new song – Broken World – on the just released FFDP greatest hits album A Decade Of Destruction, Vol 2.

More on these developments in the world of FFDP as they occur. You can follow Jason Hook on his Instagram account on this link.


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