Immerse Go Darker & Heavier with ‘Red Shade’

Back in July we introduced you to Bristol-based melodic metalcore band Immerse, who only formed two years ago, yet are already making a big storm on the scene. Continuing to ride the storm, they’re back with another belter of a single, but this time they’re exploring a more darker and heavier side.

Guitarist Tim Brown explains “Red Shade is the darkest sound we’ve created with our music. It’s about how in life people have become so consumed with themselves that they forget to look out for other people. The world is plagued by selfishness and too many of us choose to ignore basic human decency. The words are backed up by heavy riffs, haunting leads and thumping drums – climaxing to our hardest hitting breakdown yet. We can’t wait to play this one live.”

Watch the video for Red Shade below:

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