Mayday Parade, Dropping New EP ‘Out of Here’ on October 16th

Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade are releasing new music this October with their EP, Out of Here. This follows on from the 2018 release, SunnyLand. To gear fans up for the new EP, the highly energetic Lighten Up Kid is out now with a lyrical music video. 

With this new EP, the band continue to explore how powerful and important self-love is. Striving to find a higher level of self-confidence; something that has been a consistent theme throughout the band’s discography.  

“’Lighten Up Kid’ is about trying to find yourself and the strength to keep fighting for what you believe in,” drummer Jake Bundrick said. “It’s about being or feeling cut down and hung out to dry but standing up for yourself in the end.”

Watch the lyric video for Lighten Up Kid below:

Although the band have had to face a string of cancellations, it’s not stopped them remaining optimistic. Throughout the lockdown and summer, the band hosted a series of live Happy Hours, connecting with fans by releasing feel good covers such as The Beatles’ I Want To Hold Your Hand.  This cover was extra special as it featured friends including The Maine’s John O’CallaghanTravis Clark of We The KingsDan Lambton (Formerly Real FriendsJoe Taylor from Knuckle Puck and Grayscale’s Collin Walsh.

Throughout the rest of the year, Mayday Parade will be keeping fans entertained with a series of special themed, ticketed live streams. Although 2020 has struggled with live performances, 2021 is looking bright. With performances lined up for Riot Fest, Four Chord Music Fest, Nova Rock Festival, Greenfield Festival, Hurricane Festival, and Southside Festival getting geared up to welcome this fantastic Pop punk band. 

To pre-save or pre-order Out of Here, click here.

Watch the video for the cover of I Want To Hold Your Hand below:


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