Tigress Release New Track ‘Choke’


Chelmsford-based rockers Tigress are back with a brand new single, Choke. The latest release combines all elements of rock, grunge and indie and is accompanied by a twisted animated video. The initial story for the video was created by vocalist Katy Jackson and then brought to life by an animator, a process which took six months!

Speaking about the track Katy said, “Our new track is about living in the Information Age. It’s about having this information constantly shoved down your throat until you choke. Sometimes it’s too much, it’s like a cloud of smog choking your brain. There are so many opinions, videos, adverts, flavours of the week… I don’t even know if I have a single original thought of my own anymore. The video represents the ugly truth of consumerism and how its hijacked today’s technology to dehumanise the modern population.”  

Watch the video for Choke below:

Choke is out now via Humble Angel Records.


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