Zeal & Ardor – Wake Of A Nation

Zeal & Ardor as a band has always covered themes of oppression, and the darker side of human nature. The content of their new E.P Wake Of A Nation should offer up very little in the way of surprise to those who have paid attention.

This is a venomous outcry of pain, rage and sheer hopelessness at a situation that is getting worse everyday. You can hear the anguish and urgency all over Wake Of A Nation. The quiet, restrained desperation of piano led Vigil is enough to raise hairs on necks and bring tears to eyes. It’s in the quieter moments when the message screams the loudest and is at its most effective.

That’s not to say the more visceral moments that punctuate Trust No One and Tuskegee don’t also hit the spot. They lean into the black metal elements that run through all of Zeal & Ardors work, they just do it in a more outwordly aggressive manner.

This is a well balanced, thought provoking and well intentioned release from one of the most unique bands in all of music. The world is in a very precarious place right now, and it’s thrilling to see artists step forward and make their voices known and to create art that is reflective of these challenging times, and that isn’t afraid to hold a mirror up the uglier side of what is happening.

This isn’t just a great E.P from a talented and intelligent artist, this is an essential work that needs to be heard and shared with as many people as possible.

Wake Of A Nation is out now and is available here https://zealandardor.bandcamp.com/album/wake-of-a-nation-ep

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