Setting the World Alight are Against The Current, With Their Reigniting New Track ‘that won’t save us’


Popping, rocking and back with a bang are Poughkeepsie, NY alt pop trio Against The Current, with their explosive new track that won’t save us, which is produced by Matt Squire of Ariana GrandeAll Time Low and Panic! At The Disco fame. With the lyrics: “Maybe we were born to fight, If you wanna make it out alive” the new single really packs a punch with plenty of ammunition to boot and a deeper, mature sound for Against The Current, or ATC as they’re otherwise known.

Resetting the pin since the 2018 album Past Lives, the new release that won’t save us, marks the welcomed return of the band, who were founded in 2011, and are made up of Will Ferri (keyboard, drums and vocals), Dan Gow (guitar and vocals) and lead singer Chrissy Costanza who unfolds their returning track:

We knew we wanted it to have a lot of energy. I had so much anger and frustration built up from my personal life and the business. A lot of confusion and passive-aggressive feelings were starting to boil over. The song points the finger right in your face and says, ‘What you’re doing right now isn’t going to save us. What do you want to do about it? Do you want to keep doing what you’re doing and know this is going to die? Or, are you ready to make a change?

Setting the world to rights and putting words truly into action, with their accompanying music video for the single which you can check out below:

Illuminating the room with their electric energy and proving a point with the lyric “I don’t need a light to see in the dark”, Against The Current are causing embers to burn, that not even an extinguisher could put out. 

Get swept away with Against The Current:


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