With Their New Music Video, Hot MIlk Crawl Inside Your Head Like ‘Glass Spiders’

Not letting anything stand in their way, the determined self-described emo powerpop quartet of Hot Milk, have put pen to paper and thoughts into action for their new music video Glass Spiders. Which premiered on October 16th and was labelled by them as “an anthem for the unwanted”. 

Just as intriguing as the band themselves, who have previously toured with You Me At Six and Foo Fighters, the Glass Spiders video kicks off with a car crash scene that emulates the hard hitting impact of everyday life, with its twists and turns that could end up anywhere and not always for the better. As deceptively comforting as the band name, Hot Milk tells the dreary tale, that life’s airbag isn’t always available to protect us, but to take some reassurance by being welcomed into the chaos club. Shining some (well needed) light on this dark topic, co-vocalist Han Mee explains all:

“Do you have those delicate invasive invisible thoughts that crawl inside your head, that whisper and tell you keep punishing yourself, that tell you you’re not good enough and that you deserve nothing….? Those are glass spiders. They come in droves and they consume you. This song is about being at rock bottom, about giving everything you are until you have nothing left and succumbing to putting bad chemicals into your body just for the sake of wanting to feel something new”.

Let Glass Spiders invade, watch the video below:

Glass Spiders is the third offering from Hot Milk, this year alone, and follows on from their previous video California’s Burning 

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