Evanescence, Live Session at Rock Falcon Studio, 5 Dec 2020

Bringing us back to life is Evanescence, the big band from Little Rock, Arkansas, who’ve been ‘counting the days to meet you on the other side’. In celebration of their first original album in over a decade, The Bitter Truth, the band put on their first performance of 2020 – A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio! filmed in Nashville.

In a trailer for the live session, the story behind it, is narrated: “Since we can’t be with you live on tour this year, we’re inviting you to Rock Falcon Studios in Nashville, where we’ve been making our new album The Bitter Truth for a very special live performance session”.

In a video for Use My Voice, a sneak peak of the live session was teased.

With a stripped-down version of the new album, the live session provides an up close and personal view of Evanescence in the studio, where much of The Bitter Truth was recorded. As a pre-show to the livestream premiere, a Q&A with Amy Lee is conducted, where the news of the completion of the album is announced, to which Lee declares: 

I can’t tell you how happy I am, how proud I am, I’m so relieved and just can’t wait for you to hear it”. 

Answering the question about The Bitter Truth material being played on the Worlds Collide Tour, that’s been heartbreakingly postponed to September 2021, to which Lee exclaims “Oh yeah, Totally! Our whole setlist is going to have to change” with so many new songs and a new album, it will be a tough choice, however as someone who enjoys building setlists, she explains, you have to mix the new stuff with what is essential from the old stuff, Lee continues “with it being a case of just selecting your favourite things to play”.

Following 30 insightful minutes into the inner workings of Evanescence, the curtains open with an introduction to the band, with Will Hunt on drums, guitarist Troy McLawhorn and thanks to the power of technology, bassist Tim McCord from California and from Germany Jen Majura on guitar. Being thankful of finding a way to be together, vocalist Amy Lee extends her gratitude to the virtual audience.

Surrounded by instruments, cables and lighting for company, the live footage spans across each member, with angles so close that, not only the reflection from the drum cybils can be seen but those of Lee’s expressive eyes. Kicking off proceedings with the album title track The Bitter Truth, followed by The Game Is Over, with an older sound, it’s easy to forget these two songs are new releases. With a setlist made up of significant songs, each being fitting for right now with older song The Only One finding new meaning. Speaking of songs with meaning, next up is Sick, to which Lee expresses “I don’t think these lyrics have ever meant as much to me, as they do right now”. With a quick band check we’re thrown into Going Under.

With the door swung wide open for uniqueness and accepting who you are, the song title of Use My Voice couldn’t be more suitable, especially the line ‘don’t you speak for me‘. Before the next groundbreaking track, Lee proclaims “This is not going to be quite the same without hearing all of you guys singing it back to me” and with the first heart dropping key of Bring Me To Life, the anticipation of the night is over. Swapping strings for acoustic piano is the last but one track, Lost In Paradise. Ending with a cover of Glory Box by British band Portishead, who Lee admits as her all time favourite group, fronted by her favourite singer Mel Gibbons. With a thank you for tuning in and a wishful plea to stay safe, the epic livestream is brought to a close.

Blessing us with an array of songs from each era and decade, ranging from Fallen to The Bitter Truth. The live stream has absolutely given me a new appreciation for Evanescence, for whom I’ve been a fan of since the early 2000s. With admiration and understanding of the work that goes into the creation of an album, I grant this live session five truly out of this world stars! 

For those who were unable to watch the event live, the show will be available for 72 hours post livestream, through to December 8th, 11:59pm ET (December 9th, 4:59am GMT) here.

Evanescence, A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio Setlist:

  • The Bitter Truth
  • The Game Is Over
  • The Only One
  • Sick
  • Going Under
  • Use My Voice
  • Bring Me To Life
  • Lost In Paradise
  • Glory Box – Portishead (Cover)

With 2020 serving us a tough pill to swallow, The Bitter Truth is the sweet release we all needed, due out on March 26th 2021, you can pre-order the album now! Each pre-order is automatically provided with downloads of Wasted On You, The Game Is Over and Use My Voice.

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