Kelsy Karter Debuts Video ‘You Only Die Once’


Following on from her debut album release in October, Kelsy Karter is back with the video for her latest single You Only Die Once. Adding to the list of videos directed by Kelsy herself, You Only Die Once depicts Karter breaking free from a mental institution with the help of Crystal the monkey, so she can rejoin her friends.

Speaking in an interview with Alt Press who premiered the video Kelsy said, “I want it to speak to the misfits and the “weirdos” who feel like they don’t fit in or can’t be themselves, because they can, and I’ll be there to back them up till the end.”
“I wanted to be a voice for those who feel lost or confused during the state of the world—it’s a fuck-you anthem for anyone who needs to let it out.”

Watch the video for You Only Die Once below:

Kelsy Karter’s debut album Missing Person is out now.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kelsy here.


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