Viva La Crobar! Crowdfunding Project To Save This Legendary London Rock Bar

Search for The Crobar and you’ll be met with words such as iconic, historic and legendary, but most recently ‘after 19 years of awesome rock n’ roll fun’ CLOSED!. With a statement from their Official Website:

“Sadly, due to Covid, greed and stupidity, we are no longer open at our previous address.”

Seeing a need for rock and heavy metal enthusiasts, the famous doors of Soho, London rock bar The Crobar, were flung open in 2001. Building a community of like minded individuals, who enjoy the heavier side of life, The Crobar became the go to place for promoters, crew, journalists and even housed famous names such as Alice CooperSlashRed Hot Chilli Peppers and nice guy of rock Dave Grohl, who certainly lived up to his title by donating directly from the Foo Fighters, a mystery signed item as a raffle prize, to raise funds for the unemployed staff of the famous establishment. 

Following the bereaved announcement, owner Richard Crobar conveys:

“As music has given me so much throughout my life, this seems like the perfect opportunity for me to give something back to music, as well as give our regular customers back their office, social club, meeting room and Rock n’ Roll hangout.”

Crobar continues: “We refuse to give up, and our aim is to re-open The Crobar at a new location in Central London.” With an aim to reopen towards the end of 2021 and with a target of £95,000, The Crobar needs your support and most importantly your money. How can I help? I hear you cry! Well through their crowdfunder page of course, aptly titled: Re-open The Crobar.

Rewarding you for your donation, the project is offering a pair of very tempting tickets to the re-opening night at The Crobar, 50x £3 drinks for one year and the chance to win an array of The Crobar goodies, including a limited edition crofunder T-shirt, a belt buckle and an engraved Zippo, amongst others. To quench your thirst, each donation gets you a beer or a shot once reopened, and as a thank you each reward earns you a place on the wall, literally with your name on. You’ll have to be quick however, with each offering being limited, and the last bottle of crobar whisky already being sold out, you don’t want to miss you chance of carving a notch on this quintessential bedpost.

Long live Rock n’ Roll! 

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