7 Ways You Can Help Support Your Favourite Bands & The Music Industry Right Now

2020 has taken its toll on all of us and the music and entertainment industry has really suffered. From tours being cancelled, venues shutting down, redundancies within the industry and now a Brexit deal that means touring across Europe will be more expensive and difficult for bands…it’s not looking great is it? So we want you to take a stand with us to help support the industry that’s not just a part of our lives, but our way of life. To do this we’ve compiled a list of all of the ways you can help out bands, artists and those involved in the industry. Some things you may already do, others you can do more of and some you can jump on straight away!

1. Stream and play
You probably do this already, but did you know that every time you stream a song, the band or artist receive a small royalty, plus the more plays they receive the more likely they are to appear on other playlists and gain more fans. Everyone has their favourite streaming sites, but we’ve listed a few below in order of those that pay artists the most (from top to bottom). Napster, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music.

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2. Sign to support
Right now musicians and touring professionals are calling for support for the Seek Europe-wide Visa-free work permit for Touring professionals and Artists. The petition was started as due to some of the new Brexit laws coming into place touring parties may be required to pay for visas per each trip they make (and potentially each country they visit). This could maybe touring a lot more expensive and will smaller bands may struggle to your. You can sign the petition now at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/563294

3. Buy merch
You don’t have to just buy CDs and records to help your favourite bands, buying merchandise helps them too, so stock up on those t-shirts, face masks, socks, scarfs, action figures… you name it! Where possible always try to buy direct from the band or artist too!

4. Give them a like
If you’re already following your favourite bands and artists on social (if not go follow them now) then you can also help them by liking, commenting on and retweeting the content that they post. By doing this it helps their social content reach even wider audiences and might help them gain new fans or can also join in on the support.

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5. Request it
Tweet, text or call your favourite radio stations to request songs from your favourite bands – just make sure the type of music you’re requesting to be played is similar to that that the station plays. In particular, look out for specialist shows (e.g. if the station has a weekly rock or alternative show).

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6. Buy tickets
OK, so we know tours might not be happening right now, but that doesn’t mean gigs aren’t being announced, so grab those tickets while you can. In most cases if a show is cancelled due to Coronavirus you’ll get a refund and if a show is rescheduled your ticket will remain valid for the new date. (Just make sure to double check all of the T&Cs before you do make a purchase to be sure).

Jemma Dodd

7. #saveourvenues
As well as buying gig tickets, it’s really important to support local and independant music venues. Remember that small band you discovered at your local, or that intimate gig your favourite artist played? Without smaller venues there’s none of that, so it’s time to act now! The #saveourvenues campaign aims to “secure grassroots music venues one by one,” with fundraising pages for venues across the UK, as well as the opportunity for bands to work with venues to put on streaming events. Set up by the Music Venue Trust, you can also sign their petition which asks the government to cancel the Festival of Britain 2022, which has £120 million ring fenced to it, and instead use that money to help support grassroots music venues now.

Know another way we can help, or got a fundraiser planned? Let us know! Email jemma@rocksins.com.

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