With Their Newest Release, Kill The Ideal Are Here To ‘Save The World’ With Normandie Frontman Philip Strand


With Normandie frontman Philip Strand in tow, Kill The Ideal vow to Save The World with their newest release. Alongside previously released Scream For MeTen and Let’s Get ExcitedSave The World is taken from their upcoming EP Against The World, to be released on 5th February, 2021, as mixed and mastered by Simon Jackman. With new tidings, brings a new era for Kill The Ideal. With a rebrand that wouldn’t go amiss on a Street Fighter video game, 2021 promises to be a kickass year for the alternative rock band.

Pre-order Kill The Ideal – Against The World here.

With great power comes great responsibility and with the music video for Save The World, Kill The Ideal holds true to their commitments. With the spotlight well and truly focused on the Boston, Lincolnshire Quartet, just like the song lyrics, Kill The Ideal are leaving the door open, not closed, to show them all and where they will go, nobody knows. But….it’ll be awfully interesting to find out. 

Watch the video for Save The World below:

Kill The Ideal – Against The World Tracklisting:

Let’s Get Excited
Scream For Me
Save The World Feat. Philip Strand
Save The World (Original Bonus Track)

Against The World is available on 5th February and can be pre-ordered here.


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