Dozer – Vultures EP

Dozer - Vultures EP Cover Artwork

Overall Score: 7/10
Songs: 8/10
Desert Fuzz: 9/10
Essential Release: 6/10
Pros: Classic stoner vibes from one of the scenes hardiest survivors.
Cons: There’s not a lot new material here. One for the completists.

Dozer are one of the big dogs of stoner rock. They may not have been hauling generators around the Mojave Desert with Kyuss and co. back in the day (Sweden is not exactly an ideal location for that) but they have become one of the classic bands of the genre over time. Combining the unrelenting groove of the aforementioned Kyuss, big riffs of Karma to Burn and adding their own fuzzy finishing touches; these boys have an immense back catalogue.

And, unlike most of our stoner heroes, they are still functioning as a band.

One little gem from that back catalogue is this little EP from back in 2004/2005. Repressed on vinyl with an extra unreleased track (Sunride’s Vinegar Fly), Vultures is a collection of demos that were recorded in the lead up to the release Through the Eyes of Heathens. Although it’s a bunch of demos, you wouldn’t really know it. The production is more than good enough for a proper record and the songs are complete and mighty fine too.

Throw in some swanky new artwork with some gorgeous vinyl options (courtesy of Heavy Psych Sounds) and although this is perhaps one for the completists, you have a great little release here.

Tracks like The Blood is Cold and Last Prediction have the trademark Dozer swagger, mixing up razor sharp riffing with that comforting blanket of fuzz to perfection. It’s easy to see how Dozer have influenced bands like Monolord and The Sword looking back on this period for the band. They were in unstoppable form, even on a collection of demo tapes!

The title track is the standout moment. A walloping simple riff coupled with Nordin’s Scandinavian snarl results in a real stomper of a track. Head Ghosts has a big canyon rattling bass line and a more haunting vocal delivery edging towards doom territory, but another true headbanger, nevertheless.

The closer of Vinegar Fly only suffers from not being a Dozer original, although it still fits snuggly into this EP.

So that’s about it. Undeniably, this is a top-notch release from one of the best in the stoner game. You may have heard most of it before… but check out those super pretty new vinyl colours and you may just want to reinvest.

Vultures is released through Heavy Psych Sounds on February 12th 2021. Pre-order from the Heavy Psych Sounds online shop.


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