GRRRL AS F**K! Goddesses Of Alternative Rock, Venus Grrrls Are Making A Statement With New Single ‘Goth Girl’

Venus Grrrls Band

Making their demands known, loud and clear! are female quintet Venus Grrrls, with their enthusiastically enticing Goth Girl. Hailing from Leeds, the alternative rock band have been described as ‘Ethereal and tenacious’ and are: ‘promoting the participation, acknowledgement, and respect of women in the music industry. Aiming to bring fortitude and activism through hard hitting alternative rock music’.

With a nod to Siouxsie Sioux of the Banshees, the Venus Grrrls are creating an anthem for all those girls who dreamt of being popular by pretending to be cool. Ripping up the burn book and imposing their own script. The Venus Grrrls are proving being bad is the new good.

Watch the video for Goth Girl below:

Following in the footsteps of The Go-Go’sBikini Kill and L7, with reference to the Riot Grrrl Movement, digging their converse in the ‘VENUS GRRRLS intend to contribute to the elimination of age old interpretations and preconceptions toward women in rock.

Keep up to date with Venus Grrrls:

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