Playing Devil’s Advocate Are Chase Atlantic With New Album, Beauty in Death, Out On March 5th, 2021

As curious as death itself, Chase Atlantic are holding us in purgatory with the announcement of third studio album Beauty in Death, descending on March 5th, 2021 via Fearless Records. The band recently signed with the label on the same day their single Out The Roof was released on August 14th, 2020. 

Pre-save Chase Atlantic – Beauty In Death here.

As the follow up to Molly, luring us in with the sweet taste of what’s to come, is the newest release Slide and it’s accompanying psychedelic music video that, just like its lyrics, promises to ‘take you to heaven if you die’. On the single, Chase Atlantic states: “Slide delves into a metaphoric, yet very personal realm filled with chaos, danger and brutal honesty. Living such a fast-paced, reckless lifestyle is bound to come with negative consequences, but nonetheless with the right amount of daring confidence and the ability to bounce back no matter the circumstance; it will always be just that for Chase Atlantic- a lifestyle.”

Watch the video for Slide below:

Each single release acting as a prong, pitchforking us into the seductive sounds of Chase Atlantic. Forget rocks, with no genre unturned, the Australian trio are crystalling the boundaries between R&B, pop, rock and alternative, bending the rules and carving out their own statement.

Beauty In Death – Track Listing:

  1. Paranoid
  2. Pleasexanny
  3. Out The Roof
  4. Slide
  5. Beauty In Death
  6. Please Stand By (feat.De’Wayne & Xavier Mayne)
  7. Aleyuh
  8. Molly
  9. Call Me Back
  10. I Think I’m Lost Again
  11. Empty
  12. Wasted

Chase Atlantic – Throwback Livestream

Chase Atlantic previously performed favourite tracks from their first album via a throwback livestream on February 20th, 2021. The show, can be rewatched until March 4th, 2021 here

Be Transported by Chase Atlantic: 

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