‘Flames’ Acoustic Version Video With MOD SUN & Avril Lavigne Has Landed

Following on from their acoustic version of Flames release earlier this month, MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne have now released an accompanying music video and it’s so simple, yet so stunning and intimate.

The video sees Lavigne and Derek Ryan Smith (MOD SUN) performing the track surrounded by various lit lamps (as opposed to burning flames, as seen in the video for the original track) with a string section playing in the background, adorning Internet Killed The Rockstar apparel (a nod to the title of MOD SUN’s latest album of which Flames is featured on).

Speaking about the acoustic version MOD said, “I wanted to offer a bright side to the story and I felt like sonically I could paint that landscape through acoustic guitar and a string section. I wanted to make something that felt like we were performing in your living room.”

“Flames is a very special song,” says Avril. “I love how the acoustic version turned out. It really brings another layer of emotion to the song.”

Watch the video for Flames (Feat. Avril Lavigne) Acoustic:

And watch the video for the original track below:

MOD SUN has also announced that he will be releasing the Internet Killed The Rockstar Deluxe album on May 7th. The deluxe album will feature eight new tracks including acoustic renditions of Internet Killed The Rockstar singles and original studio releases.

Internet Killed The Rockstar Deluxe Album Tracklist:
1. Karma
2. Bones
3. Flames (feat. Avril Lavigne) 
4. Betterman
5. Prayer
6. TwentyNUMB
7. Smith
8. Rollercoaster
9. Annoying
10. Pornstar
11. Internet Killed The Rockstar
12. Amnesia
13. Flames (feat. Avril Lavigne) [Acoustic]
14. Painkiller
15. Bones (Piano Version)
16. Edge
17. Karma (Acoustic)
18. Breakdowns
19. Heavy (feat. blackbear)

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