Live Stream Review: Weezer Perform ‘OK Human’ Front To Back With Los Angeles Philharmonic, YOLA.

Los Angeles icons Weezer teamed up with the prestigious Los Angeles Philharmonic and YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) over the weekend to host a live steam with No Cap.  

The event saw Weezer perform their latest album OK Human, front to back at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, giving fans a chance to experience the uniquely different album in all its glory. Alongside the album, the band also played a few other hits and covers from their discography. 

With No Cap taking away the stress of securing tickets to see your favourite band, fans were offered the chance to engage with something truly unique from the comfort of their own home. With the option of engaging with others in the live chat, or simply putting the event on full screen and enjoying every moment. While livestream concerts will never replace attending a gig, Weezer did an incredible job offering something so different. As someone missing live music beyond belief, it was an incredibly enjoyable evening to sit back with my flatmate and enjoy the show, doing our best to re-create a concert feeling. 

OK Human is vastly different to anything Weezer has offered before. It’s the first time the band have ever featured a full orchestration on any of their records. Throughout the album we see some of the most personal songs that have been written by Cuomo over the last decade. From start to finish you’re taken on a ride of highs and lows, with some songs being melancholic and more emotional, to some brighter and bolder moments. All of this pulled together gives off a feeling similar to experiencing a show on the West End or Broadway. 

One stranger take – away from the live stream was seeing the measures put in place for Covid. With masks, barriers and social distancing in place it was certainly an odd thing to be watching when we’re so used to such an up close and personal experience with live shows. Even with this strange feeling, the emotion of being able to perform with other people in the room was strongly felt.  

Something unique with livestream concerts is the excitement of experiencing the shows from all angles. The production between Weezer and No Cap was beyond stunning. Getting up close and personal with all those performing through a range of camera angles gave the chance for us to see the passion in them of being able to do what they love again.

Although we’ve heard the album with its orchestral elements, since its release earlier this year; hearing it performed with the LA Philharmonic was something I could listen to all day. Even with a hall sized room with no audience, the energy was up there as if it was at capacity. 

As most people know, it’s not really a live show without a much-anticipated encore and Weezer certainly didn’t disappoint. Following the playthrough of OK Human, we were treated to a further six songs, including favourites such as Island In The SunBuddy Holly, and Say It ain’t So – all further enhanced with the LA Philharmonic, adding such an exciting sound to already incredible songs. Toto’s hit Africa also made an appearance with the band doing their incredible cover.  Overall, the evening was beyond enjoyable. The thrill of enjoying live music was present and we were left wanting the concert to carry on for just a few more songs. 

2021 has already been such a busy year for Weezer and we’ve got even more to look forward to. The Van Halen-inspired rock album, Van Weezer, which was due to come out last year is now set for release on May 7th.  

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