Terminalist Unleash Terminal Dispatch – Video For New Single Out Now

Terminalist Band Photo 2021 by Johan Von Bulow

Following on from the announcement of their debut album The Great Acceleration a few weeks ago, Danish / American thrashers Terminalist have unleashed a second riff filled creation from the album.

Titled Terminal Dispatch, the new single shreds with elements of the sounds of bands like Testament and Skeletonwitch, and there is much to enjoy here for fans of traditional thrash and variations alike. Check out the video for Terminal Dispatch here:

Terminal Dispatch follows the first single from Terminalist’s debut album, The Great Acceleration – Relentless Alteration. Here is what their singer and songwriting mastermind Emil Hansen had to say about the new track:

Telling a story of aerial and technological advancement throughout the 20th century, ‘Terminal Dispatch’ chronicles a planet ravaged by these innovations in the 21st century. To escape the escalating crises, the advanced technology of modern warfare must now be used to launch mankind into outer space, leaving the dying planet behind to find refuge in the skies.

The debut album from Terminalist – The Great Acceleration is released on the 7th of May 2021. The band will celebrate with a release show in their homeland of Denmark on the 8th of May, and hope to tour the album further later in the year subject to COVID-19 conditions. Pre-order the limited edition vinyl and cassette editions now from the online shop of their label Indisciplinarian.


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