Jamie Lenman Hosts ‘Separation Event’ On Audiotree, 19th May


Jamie Lenman is keeping us going with a fantastic new live show, which will feature special guests, brand new songs and a full play through of mini album Kings Of Clubs. Taking place On May 19th (from 8pm GMT) fans can catch the Separation Event on Audiotree.

After 18 months of hard work the show is finally ready. From recording King Of Clubs to its first live performance in full. Featuring nine star guests from across the world of music and cabaret, Lenman presents the entire album, plus two new songs and a rare monologue from the original sessions.

“I’ve been working on this since the start of the year and it’s great to have it finally come out – it sounds great, it looks great, it’s like a real old-fashioned concert film. The most exciting thing by far is the amazing guest artists I managed to persuade to contribute – not just from the music world but from the wider performing community. It feels like a real snapshot of the UK scene at this time, in the way Lenmania was a couple years back. I’m incredibly proud to have them in my film.”

Between tracks you can catch Lenman discussing how the songs came together, as well as how guests have contributed their unique versions. Mixed to album standard by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots) and filmed by Ben Pollard (Lenmania) it’s going to be beyond iconic.

The event will also feature a host of special guests including Sam from Wargasm, Will from Black Peaks, Djamila from Ithaca, Jen from False Advertising, long standing producer (and one half of Never Not Nothing) Space, Damien from The St Pierre Snake Invasion and more.

As well as this very special event, Lenman has also just been announced for Download Festival 2022. Throughout July he will be hosting a UK Acoustic tour, originally scheduled for last November. With tickets selling out fast, it would be wise to jump on the chance now!

“These acoustic dates feel like unfinished business – we had ’em booked for last winter but then everything went to hell, so I’m really looking forward to getting out there and seeing people as soon as it’s safe. If anything, acoustic shows are probably better suited to a summer setting, and with most festivals sadly postponing for another year I’m going to try and fill that gap as best I can,” says Jamie.

Tickets for the Separation Event are priced at £11 in advance, or £14 on the day of the show and can be purchased here. Any tickets purchased for the show will have access to infinite repeat viewings for 72 hours after the start of the first showing.


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