Kelsy Karter Releases ‘Live From Nowhere’ Acoustic Covers EP,


Musical superstar Kelsy Karter, who was born in New Zealand, previously lived in LA and has now found home in the UK, has followed up from her angsty yet soulful Missing Person album release, with a special covers EP.

Created during the pandemic Live From Nowhere, out now, was recorded with The Struts‘ guitarist Adam Slack and features covers from Green Day, Yungblud, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Liam Gallagher and Elton John, showing Karter’s broad appreciation for great music. Each cover is truly stunning and if you’ve listened to Karter’s back catalogue you’ll soon be thinking the same as us – is there anything she can’t do? (and we’re not just referring to her talented skills in directing her own music videos!).

Writing on Instagram Kelsy spoke about her cover of Yungblud’s Mars, saying; “As you guys know my song “liquor store on mars” is my favourite from my first album and I wrote it when I was broken and needed a way out. It was my nod to my hero David Bowie. When YB came out with this song I immediately connected to it for its similar themes and Bowie inspiration. These are some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve heard in a while.”

Alongside the EP, which is available to stream now, Kelsy has also released a performance video for each track, accompanied by Adam on guitar.

Watch the video for “Mars” Yungblud Acoustic Cover below:

Kelsy Karter has also announced that she will be performing at The Hairy Dog in Derby, Friday 25th June as part of a Green Day tribute starring Adam Slack, Matt Peach, Roan Brandt and Natt Webb. Tickets are £10 and available to purchase now.

Listen to Live From Nowhere:


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