wars Unveil Cover Of MOD SUN’s ‘Flames’ Featuring Avril Lavigne


After releasing a cover of Taylor Swift’s Exile Ft. Bon Ivor at the end of last month, Rugby based wars have followed up with a brand-new cover. This time giving their post-hardcore treatment to MOD SUN’s hit single Flames, which features Avril Lavigne.

The track, which has even been rated by MOD SUN himself, who on hearing the cover said, “That’s so tight, I love it. I fucking love it,” was released earlier this week, with the accompanying video unveiled today.

Watch the video for wars cover of Flames below:

Speaking about the cover the band said, “We’re really deep into A Hundred Shivers now, and while we’re super excited about the next AHS chapter, it’s great to get to put out something totally different. We did both of these covers in lockdown, and we’re just really grateful we’re in a position to release them like this. Flames is an incredible song; as soon as we heard it I think we all just felt like we’d love to be playing that. Love these collabs that are springing up – Mod Sun’s vocals are killer in this and Avril is iconic.”

Last month the band also released the third chapter of their A Hundred Shivers album, High Art, Low Culture, which alongside chapter one and two is available to stream now. Chapter four will be released some time this year and will complete the album

Listen to Flames below:

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