Weezer – Van Weezer

Weezer have been busy keeping fans on their toes with loads of releases. Van Weezer marks the 15th studio album from the American rock band. The tribute to Van Halen was originally set for release in 2020 was definitely worth the wait.

Coming after the vastly different OK Human that featured a 38-piece orchestra, Van Weezer is 30 minutes of fun. Smashing what it set out to do, the album is the perfect throwback tribute to 80s rock. Throughout the tracks you won’t be able to hold yourself back from singing along or tapping away to the beat.

Opening Track Hero works as a great introduction to what the album wants to do. Building up anticipation and an epic opening with iconic guitar riffs. It’s got a great punch and edgy sound to it while not trying to take itself too seriously. Balancing a climatic ballad feel while also not peaking too early Is a tough task, but Hero does that well.

Similarly, The End of The Game, boasts an opening filled with catchy and bold guitar riffs before leading into an older Weezer sound. As the song progresses there’s more and more build-up of going crazy on guitar and just having fun.

While labelling itself as a tribute to Metal, it doesn’t quite fit that label. With a massive glam rock feel to it, Van Weezer is so much more. For everyone with a love of rock music, there was definitely a point where you wanted to learn guitar and make it big. No matter how old you are this album is bound to bring that feeling back.

A tribute to Van Halen would almost feel wrong without some kind of connection to Bill and Ted. After featuring on the soundtrack of Bill and Ted Face the Music, Beginning of The End fits in perfectly and is a personal favourite track. It’s a track that just makes you want to mess around and bring out the air guitars. With catchy lyrics and incredible instrumentals, it’ll definitely get stuck in your head.

It’s hard to find something to be disappointed about with Van Weezer. There’s a strong range in sound that means everyone will be able to pick a song to rock out to. Throughout there’s a good sense of enjoyment and that this is a bunch of people doing what they love.

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