Spanish Love Songs ‘Phantom Limb’ & ‘Blacking Out The Friction’ Death Cab For Cutie Cover

LA based Spanish Love Songs have delighted fans with the release of two new tracks – the Phantom Limb, a b-side from Brave Faces Everyone and an incredible cover of Blacking out The Friction, originally by, Death Cab For Cutie.

“We wrote 13 songs for the album. Recorded 11. And 10 made the cut. Phantom Limb is that extra song (and weirdly, it had this title before being left off).” says vocalist Dylan Slocum 
“We all love the song. Thematically it ties into the story of the record well but when we received the final mixes back and I started sequencing the album in my head, I just couldn’t hear a place for it in the context of the entire album. Whether it’s foolish or not, I still believe in “the album” as a form, so I decided to cut the song.

Luckily for us, Phantom Limb still found its way into the world. A true anthem of a song where you can feel every raw emotion being expressed. With a slow and almost country introduction, there’s a slight uncertainty of where this track will go. Dylan Slocum’s distinct vocals and lyrics are so quick to pull you in, keeping you hanging onto each word, building yourself up to sing as loud as possible to the chorus. While listening to the track you can’t help but picture the endless cinematic and soundtrack possibilities.

Listen to Phantom Limb below:

It’s less of a throwaway b-side and more of a companion to the album. And for a song about loss & missing someone dearly — listening to it after a year indoors, away from everyone I love, I think it might have aged even better by not coming out with the original.”

Alongside the release of the b-side, Spanish Love Songs shared their cover of their favourite Death Cab song, Blacking Out The Friction with the help of patreon memebers. Each month, polls would be held for songs the band should cover from various locations across the US.

Listen to Blacking Out The Friction below:

“Death Cab is a rare band that’s important to almost everyone in our band. I think we’re all envious of their talent and the way they’ve managed to build and sustain a career while doing their own thing. They’re definitely a top 5 band for me personally.” says Slocum.

Over the last six years, the band have shared two albums and an EP. The most recent being Brave Faces Everyone, which explores character stories set in small-town America and anxious urban jungles, as well as unfurling heartbreaking tales of addiction, depression, and death. The band also explored deeper societal issues including mass shootings, the opioid epidemic and climate change.

Throughout the album, lines blurred between Slocum’s own experiences and those of friends or acquaintances. With Spanish Love Songs you’re taken on a ride of raw and hard hitting emotion, contrasting with realism and optimism continually trying to find a balance.

For more information, please visit the band’s official website.

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