Real Friends Release Reimagined Versions of New Singles ‘Nervous Wreck’ & ‘Storyteller’


Pop-punk quintet Real Friends have dropped ‘reimagined’ versions of their recent releases, presenting an alternative take on the original songs. 

Nervous Wreck is ultimately a song about loneliness and loss of identity. Where the original version displays these themes in an angsty way with a belting headbanger of a chorus, the reimagined track puts a vulnerable, raw spin on the song, the clean guitar tones and softer vocals putting more emphasis on the lyrics. 

The reimagined version of Storyteller acts, according to bass player Kyle Fasel, as the band’s ‘nod to Death Cab For Cutie.’ This track reimagines the guitar-driven original version by shifting the instrumental focus, with much of the song’s driving force come from the piano backing and strong drumbeat. 

These singles mark a new chapter for the band, not only as their first releases after their switch to Pure Noise Records, but also as a means to showcase the talents of new vocalist Cody Muraro, who joined following the departure of Dan Lambton in February 2020. Despite the altered line-up, the band’s ethos surrounding music remains the same, fuelled by emotional lyrics and a whole lot of distorted guitars. 

However, these reimagined versions suggest an evolving attitude towards their new releases. Kyle Fasel explains: “When the idea of making reimagined versions of songs has come up in the past, we’ve always just made acoustic versions. This time around we changed it up by experimenting with different elements that normally aren’t used in Real Friends songs. It was refreshing and fun to step outside of our comfort zone, instead of just stripping a song down to acoustic guitar and vocals.

You can check out the reimagined versions of Nervous Wreck and Storyteller below:

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