Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

Spiritbox - Eternal Blue Album Cover Artwork

Overall Score: 9/10
songs: 9/10
music: 9/10
vocals: 10/10
Pros: a unique emotionally resonant debut from one of metals hottest bands
Cons: virtually nothing

Let’s cut to the chase shall we? Spiritbox are a special band. The kind of band that doesn’t come along very often, and when they do they send shockwaves through the scene.

Eternal Blue, their debut album is one of the most self assured, emotionally enriching and musically diverse albums of the year. This is hardly surprising when you consider two thirds of the band are partially responsible for the closing chapter in iwrestledabearonce’s career.

If you have been keeping tabs on Spiritbox as they have dropping singles in the lead up to the album then chances you already know whether you like them or not. If however, you been the proverbial ostrich and are unfamiliar with them, then this album will reward you if you open yourself up to it.

The real strength within Spiritbox is their ability to mix the heavy & heartfelt. Eternal Blue is a rich tapestry that weaves together many moods and tones, creating an atmosphere that is devastating both emotionally and in the skull crushingly heavy musical sense.

Songs like The Summit, Eternal Blue & Secret Garden soar with sumptuous melodies that draw the listener in with Courtney LaPlante’s siren call at the forefront. Silk in the Strings, Holy Roller and Circle with Me are timely reminders not to get too comfortable as they showcase heavier side of the band. Holy Roller particularly remaining the heaviest song the band has put their name too.

There are many many surprises to be discovered within the body of Eternal Blue, that will continue to reveal themselves to the listener over multiple listens. One of the years’ biggest and most ear wormy choruses pops up fairly early on in the form of Yellowjacket featuring Sam Carter of Architects, it’s an irresistable collaboration that will have you reaching for the replay button over and over.

Often times when a band is shouldered with the huge weight of hype and a fever pitch buzz, it can become difficult for them to live up to the expectations placed upon them. Spiritbox not only manage to meet all the expectations placed upon them, they manage to subvert them all and with Eternal Blue they have created an enduring body of work that not only seperates them from the rest of the pack but will stand the test of time for decades to come.

If you are not onboard with Spiritbox then now would be very good time to change that.

The new Spiritbox album, Eternal Blue, is released today (17th September 2021) on Rise Records.


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