Biffy Clyro – Live Review Fingers Crossed Tour, 02 Academy, Bristol, October 4th 2021


After numerous reschedules, Scottish rock legends Biffy Clyro finally set out on their Fingers Crossed Tour. Changing pace with a set of smaller and more intimate show, this tour was the dream for Biffy fans.

After playing the likes of the Download Pilot and Reading and Leeds festival, the small capacity gave a whole different experience. Opening for Biffy, Bob Vylan were given a proper welcome by Bristol fans. Throughout their set the audience were given a mix of comedy and powerful, punchy tracks. The stage presence of a band can make or break a set, and these guys had it down to a t. Having never listened to the duo before it was a fun experience to go in totally blind.

The first time I ever saw Biffy Clyro was only a matter of months ago at Reading Festival; a truly mind blowing experience. Having been a fan for just over 10 years I was beyond excited to experience their music in a smaller venue. The O2 Academy in Bristol has long been a favourite venue, so it was already set to be a great evening.

From only seeing Biffy once before and knowing how good they sounded, I wasn’t ready to be so blown away by how stunning everything sounded. Live music always feels that extra bit special; hearing the passion of artists and being surrounded by other fans. The music completely filled the room and felt like something special to be a part of.

DumDum gave a super atmospheric opening to the gig and gave away how much of a show Biffy were about to put on. Going into A Hunger In Your Haunt and its hugely catchy guitar riffs, the crowd were thrown into a more punchy track before diving into more upbeat Tiny Indoor Fireworks with the whole venue singing along.

One of the songs that stood out, both times I’ve seen them, was Biblical, a song you can’t help but sing along to at the top of your voice. Everything about the track feels so magical and atmospheric. With its more mellow verses building up to the bold verses, everything about this track will have you falling in love with Biffy over and over again.

Showing their range in sound, Errors in The History of God presented a more electronic and funky track. Featured on their latest release, The Myth of The Happily Ever After, this song is filled with a proper Sci-Fi vibe that works so beautifully in a small venue.

This gig gave the perfect offering of new and old releases alike, caving into fan favourites that made an already ecstatic and energetic crowd go that bit further. Hearing these tracks live and feeling the beats vibrate throughout the venue adds such a spine tingling experience to listening to Biffy.

Slowing things down, Simon Neil gave a beautiful solo performance of early track Machines. With just a man and his guitar, this was such a good moment to take everything in and appreciate every lyric sung and every chord played.

After a few more belters, it was time for another slower moment with incredibly dreamy track Re-arrange with Simon backed this time on vocals by band mates, James and Ben.

With not much room to catch your breath, another huge anthem is delivered with incredible ballad Witch’s Cup. With every song, old or new, Biffy had the crowd singing so passionately.

Building up to ultimate throwbacks Bubbles and Many of Horror, the anticipation for these tracks was huge. With Bubbles having its catchy lyrics follow into an incredible guitar closing, it’s always a huge crowd pleaser, and bringing the show to a close before an encore, Many of Horror was a perfect round up.

Coming back on stage for the encore, Biffy gave another fan favourite with Black Chandelier. A song that shows off the scope of calmer verses and a punchy chorus. It’s a song that feels like it could fit any mood. Giving off the intimate feel while still presenting an arena powers.

Closing the show and their Fingers Crossed tour, newer track Cop Syrup gave the crowd one last throw around before heading off.

Both times I’ve seen Biffy Clyro live have been an incredible experience. Having the experience of a huge show to something a little smaller showed off how strong their music stands in any setting. With great stage presence and a cooky sense of humour, the Scottish trio are one you could never get tired of. 10/10

Photos taken at the Cambridge Corn Exchange by Jemma Dodd.


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