RØRY Releases New Single ‘My Chemical Romance’

London-based singer Roxanne Emery, who goes by the name of RØRY, has dropped a new single detailing the hardships of addiction, loss and love. Comparing her experience with the latter to her struggles in rehab, My Chemical Romance uncovers what happens when romance is used as a coping mechanism—when vices like drugs and alcohol are substituted for something equally as intoxicating. 

Of all my addictions, love was by far the hardest to recover from,” Roxanne explains. “In My Chemical Romance, I describe love as a drug, just as powerful as cocaine and alcohol. During my time in rehab, I went celibate for 18 months and getting some incredible therapy to rewire my brain… or heart I guess. I’ve been addicted to love, pursued it at all costs and I’ve hurt myself and others. “Love addiction” almost has this poetic romanticism about it, really it’s just another way lonely people try and numb out.” 

Many listeners will observe that this track acts not only as a passionate expression of heartbreak but also as a tribute to RØRY’s favourite band, with a subtle nod to their influence in the line: “Are these my famous last words?” Between the belting, drum-heavy chorus and emotional subject matter, this track will undoubtedly be a favourite for fans of My Chemical Romance and other emo bands of the 2000s. 

RØRY is certainly an artist to be on the look out for, having amassed over a billion plays across streaming platforms and had song writing credits on three UK top ten hits. My Chemical Romance follows up her singles fuck fame and Psychological War, the latter of which trended on TikTok and was accompanied by a music video that earned over half a million views. She is currently in the studio working on new music to release in the near future.  

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