Creeping Jean Unveil New Single Don’t Touch Tomorrow, Album Due In April 2022

Creeping Jean Band Promo Photo 2022

Self funded, scuzzy indie rockers Creeping Jean are here to introduce themselves to the world with their brand new single Don’t Touch Tomorrow. With an enjoyable mix between a Led Zep 70’s-esque guitar tone and modern Indie / Brit-rock, Creeping Jean look to have stumbled across a winning formula, with something far more interesting than the vast majority of other bands operating in the same area at the moment.

Having sold thousands of pairs of trainers online and at car boot sales to be able to afford to make their debut album (coming in approximately late April 2022), the hard graft certainly seems to have paid off both in and out of the recording studio. The video for Don’t Touch Tomorrow features some stand out 90’s tracksuits as the band take us on a journey into the underworld full of visions, alcohol and riffs. Oh and of course a villain communicating through an old TV set. Check it out here:

Creeping Jean frontman Olly had this to say about what makes Don’t Touch Tomorrow stand out from the crowd:

“This is a track that shows how we can sit on hard hitting riffs but then it can switch to a three part harmony. We really feel this is the creeping jean sound and it’s different to what’s out there currently. This single came from lockdown, I was playing about with fuzzy tones, it’s a real stomper. The lyrics fell after this lazy Lennon style vocal took over and then as the song progresses a Morrison monster emerges in the middle 8, this always goes down well live, we love it.”

Having already previously wowed crowds at festivals like The Isle Of Wight and Truck Fest, we suspect festival invitations for the 2022 season will be in their inbox if the Brighton six piece outfit keep producing tracks like this. If Creeping Jean are your thing, keep up with them on Instagram while you wait for more updates.

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