Every Time I Die Have Broken Up

Every Time I Die 2021 Promo Photo

Every Time I Die are no longer a band. News that will make a great many fans of heavy music around the world incredibly upset.

In early December 2021, there was a very public falling out between ETID original members and brothers Jordan (guitar) and Keith Buckley (vocals). Keith initially stated he was taking a break from the band for mental health reasons, before later going on to say that he had found it difficult in the band since becoming sober. Text messages between the two brothers also found their way online, and all was definitely not well. The band did settle things well enough to play their annual ‘Tid The Season holiday show on the 11th of December – a show that it now transpires was the last Every Time I Die show.

It seemed as though things might have been patched up, as the band were set to tour the UK this month. The tour was called off a few days ago, understandably citing the ongoing COVID situation as reason for the tour being cancelled.

Just before Midnight UK time on the 17th of January, Jordan Buckley issued a statement on his Twitter account, sadly detailing a complete breakdown in the relationship between Keith Buckley and the other four members of Every Time I Die. The full statement can be found below:

The statement was also posted by guitarist Andy Williams and bassist Steve Micciche on their Twitter accounts, and by drummer Clayton “Goose” Holyoak on his Instagram account.

In replies to fans commenting on his post, Jordan Buckley has stated he hopes to continue making music with the other members of Every Time I Die apart from his brother, but that Every Time I Die would not continue with a new singer and that this is the end of the band.

As would be expected, there has been a huge outpouring of sadness on social media, Twitter in particular since the news broke. We will provide further updates on this story if and when we have them.


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