Fit For An Autopsy – Oh What The Future Holds


Overall score: 8/10
Playability: 9/10
Musicianship: 9/10
Pros: Another record from this band that from start to finish meets their high standards
Cons: The second half is very dense and this softens its impact slightly

Fit For An Autopsy have carved out a name for themselves based on consistency with the assistance of their not so secret weapon: songwriter/guitarist/producer Will Putney. The band’s five previous albums established their place as one of deathcore’s finest and the sixth is no different. Whilst Oh What The Future Holds hits every single one of the ‘thinking man’s deathcore’ notes like you have come to expect from this band, it isn’t the same record regurgitated as it features some real career highlights in terms of song writing and performances.

2019’s The Sea Of Tragic Beasts took Fit For An Autopsy to new levels of appreciation and growth. It showcased a band that is so well-versed in their craft that they can balance delivering exactly what you’ve come to expect whilst pushing the envelope at the same time. Oh What The Future Holds feels like a perfect companion piece in the way it contrasts. Whereas their 2019 release added lots of atmosphere and tension which gave the album a lucid dream feel, this time they’re delivering a wake-up call right into the side of the head. More direct and grounded in the real world, the synergy between the two projects is embedded in each moment, thus giving it a crystal clear approach. 

Whilst the themes and tone of the album are there to be played around with, it’s all built upon the strong foundation of musicianship and performances. Fans have come to expect this from such a skilled band and they hit that mark once again whilst simultaneously raising expectations. Whilst the drums provide a rope you can hold on to and follow through the record’s 45-minute runtime, the guitar work and vocals get the most room to breathe. Both elements get their moments to show off and showcase their versatility. The guitars seamlessly transition from melodic intros and solos to huge chugging riffs with loads of death metal influence. This is where the head-on collision comes from. In what is a career-best performance from Joe Badolato on vocals, he squeezes every last breath out of his voice to hit the mark across all angles the vocals take. The diversification between guitars and vocals allows this album to be focused without being one-note.

In essence the performances are flawless across the board. Will Putney brings his trademark Graphic Nature sound to the table. Whilst the technicality on display is mind-boggling, every layer sounds clear and defined. This massively benefits the album’s lead singles which feel like hulking monstrosities. The album’s playability also benefits as its directness doesn’t leave it feeling like a clogged up onslaught. 

With a straight-ahead approach which comes with the patience of a headbutt, it pulls the second-half back slightly. While the first 5-tracks fly by with blistering pace and momentum; tracks six to ten feel dense. That’s not a knock on the songs themselves, it’s just the nature of this album’s pace. There are great songs to be found here but it might take a few extra listens to connect with them in the same way.

Oh What The Future Holds is another great deathcore record from Fit For An Autopsy. It deserves to be spoken about and appreciated for showing how great this band is at what they do. It’s a great companion piece to The Sea Of Tragic Beasts and has once again set the standard. To maintain the extremely high level of quality that fans have come to expect from them is a remarkable feat. This record shows no signs of that stopping. The three certainties in life: death, taxes and Fit For An Autopsy releasing great records.


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