Led By Lanterns – Paralysis

Overall Score: 9/10
Musicianship: 10/10
Variety: 9/10
Consistency: 10/10
Pros: Epic sounds, great melodies and keeps its momentum throughout
Cons: May not appeal to everyone

Birmingham boys Led By Lanterns have been challenging the norms of the music industry for years, building their own community and connecting directly with their fan base through Twitch and Discord. Citing While She Sleeps as inspiration, the band have founded The Lanterns Alliance which has allowed them to self release their debut album Paralysis.

Chances are if the opening track to an album doesn’t have you instantly hooked, you’re not sticking around to hear the rest of the record. Paralysis does not disappoint. Alive is an absolute corker, smashing through the ‘things-that-make-you-want-to-listen-again’ checklist of punchy riffs, sing along hooks, anthemic melodies and boyband vocals. If you needed anything more, the track features Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan

The standard of songwriting is upheld throughout the rest of the album, not once lulling or slowing pace and with further guest appearances from Softcult’s Mercedes Arn-Horn on Good Enough, and WAVED on Six Feet Down the huge infectious choruses and filthy riffs continue. 

Speaking of Good Enough – we have to take a moment to congratulate the band on such a phenomenally epic closing track.

The album is so incredibly polished it would rival that of some mainstream releases, yet it still resonates the Led By Lanterns DIY ethos. 

The band have always been incredibly open and honest in promoting good mental health and lyrically the album deals with important and relatable topics. With themes such as feeling powerless, managing self expectations, and dealing with relationships which fall apart Paralysis  is sure to resonate far and wide.

This is the kind of album that would sound great played at a club or in a stadium.

Paralysis releases January 28 via self-release.

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