Simple Plan Release Anthemic New Single, ‘Ruin My Life’, Featuring Deryck Whibley

Canadian pop, punk powerhouses Simple Plan kick off 2022 with the first new music since 2021’s The Antidote.

It’s been six years since the band got together to record a studio album, promising in late 2018 that they were finally knuckling down to record but only dropping the odd single here and there along the way since. 

So how do you pull out all the stops when your fan base anticipates the first new studio album in six years? Teaming up with another iconic band who helped to shape the pop punk sense of the early 2000’s might not have been your first guess, but for Simple Plan it was a no brainer to invite Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley to feature on the track. 

This is a real treat for the OG emo generation – a collaboration that would have been so obvious 20 years ago, but they do say good things come to those who wait. 

The band are grown up with most married and fathers – so what does a former pop punk band write about when they grow up? The same stuff that kept them awake at night in their 20s of course. 

Ruin My Life is a song about overcoming adversity, going through a difficult life situation, and not only surviving it, but becoming an even stronger and more resilient version of yourself because of it,” said the band.

It’s full of classic bouncy pop, punk riffs and bursting with energy that is so obviously Simple Plan, and with the distinct vocals of Deryck and Pierre to top it off it makes for one hell of a catchy tune. 

Who says pop punk’s dead?

Check out Ruin My Life below:

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