International Women’s Day 2022- Women In Music: Creedite

Introducing Creedite, an upcoming all-female band ready to prove that women can and will succeed in rock. The passion project of Georgia Keirle (vocals), Maisy O’Donnell (bass), Danielle Diver (drums) and Georgia Hardy (guitar), Creedite aim to showcase that women belong in the rock scenes just as much as men, tackling issues in the music industry, and breaking down stereotypes of what it is to be female and in rock.  

With four members, the artists influencing this band are diverse, ranging from the likes of Janis Joplin, Nita Straus and Joni Mitchell to Hannah Wicklund, Dolly Parton, Ellie Roswell and Izzy B. Phillips. But they all agreed that Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie and Hayley Williamsare their three major influences, drawing inspiration from strong women in rock. Creedite’s top three tracks at the moment are Lipstick on the Glass by Wolf Alice, Ghost by Thunder Mother and Control by Halsey.  

Speaking to the band about what it’s like for them as women in the industry, guitarist Georgia saysI have realised there are instant assumptions on what music I play or what instruments I play just based on the fact I’m female. We have also had comments that Creedite doesn’t sound like a female band”. Bassist Maisy says that I have been in some awkward situations where not everyone assumes I’m a musician”. It’s obvious that gender bias still exists in the music industry, and that too often people are quick to jump to conclusions based solely on a person’s gender. 

It can be especially discouraging when these assumptions come from those you want to look up to, the band sharing with us that “I had a teacher say the words “not to be sexist but you don’t sound like a female band”, which was shocking”. In response to asking what needs to happen in terms of change, Creedite say “Open conversations about the music industry need to be had. We need to start holding people accountable for how they treat women”.  

Even though there are undoubtedly barriers women in music face, this shouldn’t stop any women from pursuing their goals. “Don’t feel pressured into playing certain music or instruments- do what makes you happy”, Creedite say, “Be firm in your decisions and don’t sit back. Get involved”. This band has only been together for a short amount of time, but already they are chasing their goals and making a name for themselves as women in the music industry, and they encourage any girls aspiring to join the music industry to do the same. To see what Creedite are about and to hear their first track Black Magic, visit their Soundcloud.  

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