International Women’s Day 2022- Women In Music: Love Loba

Bursting onto the scene just four months ago, Love Loba have proven they, and women everywhere, are a force to be reckoned with. Made up of Marisol Eichborn (guitar), Anastasia Pettinato (drums) and Kaila Cooper (bass), there is no doubt that this London founded “melodic punk lyrical junk” power trio lives up to their namesake (Loba translating to she-wolf), their ultimate goal to empower women and to bring around a “revolution”. 

Like most of us, Love Loba have a long list of role models. For them the likes of Ellie Roswell, La Chica, Sarah Thawer and Laura Lee are the industry women muses, not to mention Little Simz, H.E.R and the legendary Nina Simone. Speaking about their favourite female artists and tracks, the band reveal further inspirations, telling us that Saoko by ROSALIA, Lose my breath by Destiny’s Child and Gladly by Tirzahare their current top three. While these worthy names demonstrate a diverse range of influences, all three members agree that outside of the industry, the women that motivate and inspire them the most are of course, their moms. Love Loba are driven by amazing women, and undoubtedly, they will become such a driving force for other women in the industry, and those of the future.  

When asked to describe their experiences as women in the music industry, it was clear that there are still barriers women unfortunately encounter. Drummer Anastasia says “Every time I go somewhere for a gig it’s assumed I’m a singer. I feel a lot of support though in the community. There’s some misogyny sprinkled in for sure”. On a similar vein, vocalist Marisol told us that “As a music production student there’s not much female energy. It’s often assumed I’m there to sing and not to mix”. Evidently women in music are still being underestimated and stereotyped, but Love Loba refuse to be put into a box.  

“Don’t stop, be consistent, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t progress. Don’t tell yourself that you’re not good enough. Be nice to yourself, be patient. Practice makes better!” 

Having experienced firsthand the issues that still exist within the music industry, the band are dedicated to tackling the problems women face. The way forward in Love Loba’s eyes, is that, “People need to stop assuming someone’s skills or commitment based on the way they look, including their gender.” Despite this, girls and women should in no way feel discouraged about being a part of the music industry. Though inarguably there is still progress to be made, women like Love Loba are calling out and working against these barriers; “Life is short, don’t let fear run your life”. The women of Love Loba are proof that perseverance and unabashed pride in yourself as a woman (and as a woman in music), can and will lead to success. To see Love Loba in action, head to their YouTube. You can watch their latest performance at Camden Assembly below. 

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